People Are Posting Their 10-Year Before And After Photos

A lot can happen in a decade, and the internet’s latest trend is to share “10-year before and after” transformation photos.

Mari, a twenty-six-year-old book critic, kicked off the trend after she inspired Twitter users to start reminiscing by posting a picture of herself at the beginning of the decade vs. now.

Mari’s thread has since had thousands of replies, in which people look back on how this decade has changed them for the better.

While some shared their exterior changes, such as vast improvements in hairstyle or dramatic weight losses, others took the opportunity to share more personal accomplishments, such as mental health and addiction battles.


One woman shared her 10-year journey through two very contrasting photographs – the first being her during a foster care visitation, and the second being a fully grown woman, happy, healthy and, most importantly, healed.


Others used the challenge to document their transitioning journeys, with one Twitter user sharing two photographs that show him before and after he transitioned to male.


The journey to transitioning can be a long and painful one, so it’s great to see just how far so many trans people have come in the last decade.

But some people decided to take a more light-hearted angle with the whole thing, and share their more trivial improvements.


I think most of us have vastly improved our fashion choices over the past decade.

And this guy has been incredibly real with himself – Yep, some of us will have got fatter and greyer too! At least he acquired a couple of cute birds in the process…

It is important to remember to not let this challenge get you down – We’ve all come a tremendously long way in the last 10 years, and have all grown in our own ways.

Here’s to the next decade!

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