NYC House Selling For $828K Has Scariest Photos Ever

If you’re close to becoming a millionaire in New York City then you can buy the most terrifying home I’ve ever seen!

No but seriously, who’s ever going to buy this absolute hell hole? It genuinely looks like a murder site.

With holes in the kitchen, vines pouring in through the walls, a kitchen that looks like something from the Amityville Horror. Come on!

Image Credit: Realtor.com

The home is 50-18 196th St. It’s a four-bedroom property in the affluent area of Fresh Meadows, Queens, and it hit the market in March.

Neighbors call the brick hovel an eyesore… It’s easy to see why.

Image Credit: Realtor.com

One resident told The New York Post:

This is a beautiful neighborhood, and the house [is] terrible. I don’t know what happened in that house, why they kept it like that — or why the city didn’t do anything about it . . . I’m sure that, because of the price, nobody wants to buy that kind of house.

Image Credit: Realtor.com

While it’s on the market for a monstrous price – it’s somewhat understandable given its location.

However many residents are hoping the only fate for the home is that it gets tore down.

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