Nick Cannon Drops Eminem Diss Track, ‘RIP Nick’ Starts Trending

Eminem is no stranger to getting himself involved in beef, so much so, that it can be pretty hard to keep up with. But this week, the latest drama to unfold is with Nick Cannon.

The war of the rappers reignited once more on Monday when Cannon released a diss track called “The Invitation,” in response to Eminem’s feature on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” last week. 

“The Invitation” takes a brutal swipe at everything from Eminem’s ex-wife to his daughter.

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At one point in the explicit track, Cannon takes a homophobic shot at Slim Shady, alleging that Eminem fired his chauffeur for recording a video of the rapper engaging in sexual activities with another man. 

“I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin’ a c**k,” Cannon raps.

Cannon’s diss track solicited an immediate response from Eminem.


“U mad bro? Stop lying on my (expletive). I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie (expletive),” he tweeted.

“I demand an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener so jealous!” he added, seemingly joking about the song.

Looks like Cannon took a swipe at the wrong guy, as ‘#RIPNickCannon’ began trending, with the likes of 50 cent siding with Slim Shady amidst the beef.

If you cast your mind back, you’ll probably have realized that the pair have a long history of feuding.

It all started when Eminem claimed to have once had an affair with Cannon’s then-wife, Mariah Carey. Though she denied the whole thing, even releasing her own track in response, during “The Warning,” Eminem raps:

“Wow Mariah, didn’t expect you to go balls out
B*tch shut the f*ck up, ‘fore I put all them phone calls out
You made to my house when you was (Wild’n Out) before Nick
When you was on my d*ck and give you somethin’ to smile about
How many times you fly to my house, still tryin’ to count
Better shut your lyin’ mouth if you don’t want Nick findin’ out”

And from then on, the beef between Cannon and Eminem has been on and off.

So, it doesn’t look like the pair will be best buddies any time soon…

We’ll wait to see what happens next.

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