Naya Rivera’s Ex Has Moved In With Her Sister

Naya Rivera’s ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, has moved in with her sister Nickayla.

Dorsey has been grieving heavily since Rivera’s tragic death in July, and seems to have found solace in Rivera’s model sister.

Rivera passed away in heartbreaking circumstances, when she took a boat out on Lake Piru with her young son, Josey.

The pair jumped into the water from the boat, but immediately got into difficulty.

Rivera, who wasn’t wearing a life vest, used the last of her strength to push Josey back into the boat before she went under the water.

Six days after her disappearance, Naya’s body was found floating in the water.

The latest news following her death, is that ex Ryan Dorsey has moved in with Rivera’s younger sister, and together they plan on raising Joey.

And photos show that the pair are spending pretty much every minute of their time together.

According to reports the pair have both been leaning on each other to come to terms with Naya’s awful death.

While personally I believe it looks like they’re both simply grieving, most folk on the internet think that there’s something a little darker going on – and that the duo are actually dating. But, of course, nobody knows the truth besides Nickayla and Ryan.

Rest in peace Naya.

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