Naya Rivera Conspiracy Theory Claims Last Post Was A Dark Clue

Naya Final Post

As the days continue to pass with no sign of Naya Rivera, a dark conspiracy has emerged that many people are believing.

The news has been flooded with articles about the former Glee star, who took a boat out last week with her four-year-old son on Lake Piru.

Hours later, the alarm was raised when another boat came across her boat. Her son was on board but she was not.

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at this point we just vibin y'all

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Her son, Josey, told police that the pair had gone for a swim but that he had watched her ‘disappear under the water’.

While at first, events to locate Naya were part of a rescue mission, she is now presumed dead.

However, her final Instagram post, shared just hours before she disappeared is currently gathering a lot of attention due to a new conspiracy theory.

The post shows a photo of herself and Josey and is simply captioned: ‘Just the two of us’.

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just the two of us

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At first glance the photo is just a heartwarming picture of the tenderness between mother and son.

But many people are seeing something darker in the post.

One person wrote:

100% this sounds and looks like a suicide. She posted 2 things in last week that would hint in that direction and then the circumstance of her son on pontoon.

The second post referenced in the above tweet is from a few days prior which claimed ‘tomorrow is never promised’.

Another tweet mentioned the caption on Naya’s Instagram post: ‘Just the two of us’ and refers to Eminem’s song of the same title.

The lyrics in Eminem’s song refer to an abusive relationship and a father taking his young son to a lake where the mother dies.

Another tweet read:

This isn’t a conspiracy y’all this is serious…. the song talks about the parents having an abusive relationship towards each other & naya has been arrested in the past for domestic violence against her sons father so they clearly had some animosity towards each other…

Of course it could just be a coincidence.

But it’s definitely a little strange.

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