Model’s Swimsuit With ‘Back Missing’ Called ‘Sexiest Ever One-Piece’

We are well and truly in the throes of summertime.

If you’re lucky where you live, it’s time to wear little more than swimsuits, bikinis, and shorts as we enter the arena of the heat!

As the world of fashion continues to get more and more outrageous, adventurous, and excessive, model Haley Kalil has really taken things to the next level.

Posting to Instagram recently, Haley explained that her swimsuit truly is a one-piece.

She wrote:

When your mom tells you that she wants you to only shoot in one pieces…… MOM IT’S TECHNICALLY A ONE PIECE.

Accompanying the post was a video which begins with Haley facing the camera… Nothing funny about that.

Image Credit: Instagram

But when she turns around, that’s when you realise why people are calling it ‘the sexiest one-piece ever’.

One person wrote:

That’s the sexiest one-piece I ever saw.

Another commented:

How are you so hawt!!!!

Take a look at the vid below:

It’s certainly an image.

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