Model Forced To Cover Up For Showing Too Much Skin On Flight

An Instagram model was told to cover up for ‘showing too much skin’ on a flight recently.

The Australian Instagram model, Isabelle Eleanore, was left furious after being forced to wear a high-vis vest over her crop top by a flight attendant.

The OnlyFans model pointed out she had not been stopped and asked to cover up by other airport staff until she boarded the flight.

According to Eleanore, she was told: ‘You can’t fly with what you’re wearing, you can’t wear a bikini.’ 

She took to Instagram writing:

So they made a huge scene when I stepped on the plane and made me wait in front of everyone while they searched for something to cover me up with.

Then I had to walk all the way to my seat wearing this vest . This is discrimination and humiliation Jet Star Australia.

Apparently my top is too small and I couldn’t fly without covering up. If I had small breasts I guarantee they wouldn’t have said anything.

They have forced me to put on a hi-vis vest. I am lost…. is it 1921 not 2021?

She also shared a photo of the crop top to Instagram.

Do you think she should’ve been forced to cover up?

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