Millie Bobby Brown Criticized For ‘Inappropriate’ Look At SAG Awards

Millie Bobby Brown is just 15-years-old and has already made one helluva name for herself.

She first rose to prominence due to her role as Eleven in the hit Netflix science fiction show, Stranger Things.

And from there her career has blown up with the youngster starring in Godzilla, Enola Holmes, and essentially just being a huge figure on social media.

Image Credit: Netflix

However, no matter how much of a household name she is, we must remember that she is 15-years-old.

That’s exactly why many people feel a tad freaked out about what she was wearing during the SAG Awards this weekend.


On Twitter most people are saying she looks great, however they’re also saying that what she was wearing is absolutely not age appropriate.

Many claimed she was presented as decades older than she actually is.

Take a look for yourself:


Speaking about the dress, Millie said:

I wanted to go with a masculine but feminine aspect and Louis Vuitton did well. I have changed dramatically. The hair has grown, I have grown.

But that’s exactly what most people have a problem with – and many have even demanded the stylists get fired for doing that to a child.

Personally I’m a tad confused. I agree with wearing whatever you want regardless of age, and I agree that if you think it’s a bit too much then it’s probably you that’s the problem.

But I also believe that kids should be kids. I don’t know. What do you think?

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