Millennials Want ‘Secret Santa’ Banned Because It Gives Them Anxiety

Uh oh, apparently millennials are after the office staple ‘Secret Santa’ as it gives them anxiety.

The tradition, which sees workers buying each other gifts without them knowing until they get it, is believed to be a financial strain for certain people.

study, commissioned by Jobsite, showed that young office workers (26 per cent) typically give more than they can afford on presents for co-workers, while some (17 per cent) feel judged on the level of their expenditure.

Dr Ashley Weinberg, an expert in workplace psychology at the University of Salford, said in a statement: “Celebrating special events for our colleagues is great for morale in the workplace. However, there can be unfortunate unintended consequences, especially in workgroups or organisations where there is an expectation to give to material gifts for colleagues.

“The spirit of giving – especially at a seasonal time of exchanging gifts via ‘Secret Santa’ – is something we’d hope can be expressed in many ways and it’s worth remembering that where this involves financial contributions, not all colleagues have the same disposable income.

“This can mean that an individual’s contribution or lack of one is labelled ‘stingy’ where actually they may not be in a position to contribute. Clearly this is unfair and creates stigma.”

She added: “As the spirit of giving is also about generosity of spirit, we argue that where Secret Santa is concerned, something ‘secret’ should probably remain so. What shouldn’t remain secret is that giving is a mindful activity and one hopefully that is designed to do something good and not to be a trigger for something worse.

“Our suggestion is that workplaces operate a not-so ‘Secret Mantra’ to share good cheer and avoid any stinginess of spirit, by removing expectations and pressure on colleagues to give or conform to high amounts, when they may not be so easy.”

I think this is fair enough? But then again what do I know, I’m just a snowflake millennial who hates Christmas!

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