Mia Khalifa Auctions Off Infamous Glassed For $100,000

Mia Khalifa is arguably the world’s most legendary adult performer.

Despite only being in the industry for a handful of months, Mia made a huge name for herself becoming one of the most searched for stars in history.

Since leaving the industry, Mia hasn’t had many good words to say about it – and has been in the news countless times slamming the adult business for being ‘traumatising’ and ‘exploitive’.

Now Mia spends her days chilling with her boyfriend, commentating on sports, and being a huge Instagram personality.

But in the past week she’s become somewhat of a philanthropist.

How so? Well Mia hails from Lebanon and as I’m sure by now you know, just two weeks ago the Lebanon was shook by an enormous explosion in the countries capital.

Hundreds were left dead and thousands were placed in hospital, whereas Beirut as a whole is pretty much ruined.

Mia wanted to help and she’s done so by auctioning off her iconic and infamous glasses for a huge amount.

$100,000 was the amount in question and she’s donating every cent to helping in Beirut.

Taking to Instagram, Khalifa initially wrote:

I’m just trying to get creative, there’s always more that can be done and this felt like a cheeky way to raise funds and make sure the conversation and attention doesn’t diverge from this crisis.

Great work Mia!

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