Man Wears Coat From His Grandmother Before Noticing Hidden Message In Pocket

We’ve all been gifted something from our grandparents once upon a time.

I’ll never forget my 21st birthday. I got given a pen. A pen! It wasn’t even that remarkable or anything. All it did was scribble away. But c’est la vie. It could’ve been worse.

This lad got given a coat. Pretty nice winter coat. But for six months he didn’t notice a secret message which would change this coat forever.

Image Credit: Pixy

Will Harte shared photos of himself wearing the coat on Twitter before revealing what the message read.

He shared the tweet, which has since gone viral, writing:

Got a nice coat as a present from my grandma about 6 months ago. Been wearing it no problem. Noticed today one of the pockets on the front was tucked in. Enjoy the before and after.

Image Credit: Will Harte Twitter

But just what was the message? Well if you’re anything like me you’re thinking something nostalgic.

An old diary entry. A photo of herself and grandpops during the war. A heartfelt handwritten note explaining how much she loves her family.

Wrong! It was actually that the pocket was tucked in and when it was pulled out it read: ‘Immigration Enforcement’. Jesus H Christ!

Where on Earth did his grandmother get that from? They’re hardly handing that sort of stuff out on the street or in goody bags.

Well Will, keep the coat, but keep that pocket turned in.

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