Man Dives In With Harmless Shark, Finds Out It’s Great White

There are many different types of shark.

There’s the basking shark, the sort of shark that goes around eating plankton and minding it’s own business.

There’s the megamouth shark, which may look like a man-eating fleshy submarine, but actually just kinda chills about under the tide.

Image Credit: TikTok

And then there’s the great white. And I’m assuming the great white needs no introduction.

So if you happen to be about on the open waves, and for some reason you see a shark in the water, you might want to make sure you’ve identified what species it is before diving right in.

Unfortunately for this adrenaline junky, he didn’t correctly identify the shark until he was too close – and then panic set in.

Image Credit: TikTok

After hurling himself into the water, the poor diver quickly realizes the error of his ways and yells: “That was a bad idea!”

But for some bizarre reason, his friends on the boat find the whole ordeal hysterical, even when our diver friend has established that it’s a great white, and that he can feel it touching him.

‘Dude, that’s a gr… that’s not a basking shark, dude’, one of them yells, as the guy in the water scrambles to get back on board.


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At one point the great white comes up towards the boat, and you can see the real terrifying scale of the big boy.

Amazingly the diver makes it back to the boat unharmed.

I don’t think he’ll be doing that again.

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