Madonna Shares Topless Selfie To Instagram

Madonna has divided the internet after posting yet another topless selfie to Instagram.

The 61-year-old posed wearing a bucket hat, black underwear and gold bracelets.

She was leaning on a crutch, and aptly captioned the post, ‘Everyone has a crutch’.

Madonna took a fall back in February while performing in Paris – and has also been suffering from prior hip and knee injuries.

Some people complimented Madonna for her bravery and confidence but others slammed her saying she’s too old for posing semi-nude.

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Everyone has a Crutch……………. 🛠

A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on

One person wrote:

Never do this again your to old for this sh**.

Another wrote:

Is your self esteem that low that you got to take your clothes off and put it on Instagram Madonna you’re rich or famous you have everything but I guess your self-esteem is not there.

Image Credit: Madonna Instagram

A third angry man, wrote:

I feel sick. My mother is the same age as her if she did this I’d be mortified!!!

But then again, there’s just as many comments, complimenting Madonna calling her a ‘hottie’.

One comment with 250 likes simply reads: Queen.

Not that my opinion matters – but why are people so bothered by what Madonna does online, or any celebrity for that matter? If she wants to be confident and take her clothes off then who are you to judge?

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