Lollipop Ladies To Be Paid $180k Under Controversial New Rules In Australia

Australian lollipop workers may be in for some big bucks soon as controversial new proposals in Queensland could mean that lollipop workers on building sites could take home a whopping $180,000 wage.

In what was described as “the most expensive and restrictive work practices in Australia,” companies could see building costs rise by 30 percent, according to experts.

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The policy would make it the responsibility of building companies to ensure subcontractors paid the correct rates. Among the policies, it demands 5 percent annual pay increases as well as superannuation contributions of 12 percent. 

Weekend workers would also be paid at overtime rates – earning double pay, according to the Australian Financial Review

The increased pay packet has been causing outrage as it would give lollipop workers a salary three times that of nurses – who take home an average of $65,000.


Paul Bidwell, deputy CEO of Master Builders Queensland, branded the proposals “bizarre” and claimed the money could be better spent on building more hospitals or school rooms. 

He went on to tell Daily Mail Australia that “no one wants” the new proposal. “I don’t know who dreamed this up.

“But you don’t have to spend at that rate, they’re choosing to do that, our view would be – why not do it at the market rates and build more of them? More hospitals, more schoolrooms. Rather than paying more for each project individually.”

Grant Galvin, chief executive of the Master Builders Association, dubbed the controversial policy “Orwellian.”

“They’re not minimum conditions – they’re maximum conditions,” he explained to AFR.

“The fact that the state government would even trial a policy which ensures that the most expensive and restrictive work practices in Australia are applied to all major government jobs across the state, is beyond comprehension.”

The proposal is expected to be tested for the first time for the building of the Cairns Convention Centre.

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