Kim Kardashian Deletes Shower Photo With Kylie Jenner

Remember when you were a kid and everything was significantly easier than it is right now?

When the hardest thing you had to deal with was having a nap or being told to leave the park.

And when jumping in puddles and playing tag were life’s most hedonistic pleasures.

Around the same time you probably took a bath with your siblings – but once you get to about 4 or 5 that all stops.

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I hope everyone has a great day ✌🏼

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UNLESS. You’re a Kardashian/Jenner. And for some unknown reason Kim Kardashian had no idea that sharing a shower with Kylie Jenner, her half sister, could be seen as a little bit weird.

Well the internet hit back hard and now she most certainly knows. Hell, she even deleted the snap from Instagram following the furor.

One person wrote:

Erm yeah weird…let me just check again…yup it’s still erm weird.

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Another said:

Everyone shocked that Kim and Kylie posed together for racy pics together in the shower yet Kim’s own mother was a stage mom for her first nude photoshoot, this isn’t new behaviour.

However one person had a completely different approach:

What’s weird? Me and my sister are super close and if somebody paid me thousands and thousands to do shoots like this I wouldn’t hesitate.

Take a look at the pic below:

Image Credit: Twitter

Do you think it’s weird?

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