Kevin Hart Responds To Backlash After Calling Daughter A ‘Hoe’

Recently Kevin Hart has found himself in some hot water.

How come? Well he called his daughter a ‘hoe’ on his recent Netflix stand-up show, No F**** Given.

More specifically, he said:

A week goes by, ‘Dad, I don’t like Rob no more. I like this boy named Tim’.

Instantly, in my mind, I said, ‘My daughter a hoe. This is hoe shit. This is hoe shit. Hoe activity right in front of my face.’

But Hart faced a fair bit of backlash for the comment.

After people claimed he was shaming black women, Hart hit back and he really didn’t hold back.

He said:

We gotta stop. Stop with the false narrative, it’s a false narrative that’s being created. If you were in the Clubhouse and a part of the conversation, this wasn’t about Black women. It wasn’t about me going against Black — stop!

The question was asked about the joke about my daughter and me referencing my daughter having hoe-like activity. I gave an answer to it. Here’s what it is, guys: I’m not calling my daughter a hoe. I’m saying what she did is hoe-like activity.

He continued:

I called three former hoes I know and asked them, ‘Is this hoe-like activity?’ We had a conversation about it – a good back and fourth. There was never a ‘Black woman and Black man’ — never.

Stop with the false narratives and the clickbait and the back-and-forth.

Let me make this clear…..THIS IS NOT AN APOLOGY….this is common sense…..also THIS IS WHY I MADE THIS SPECIAL!!!! This is why….now go stream that bitch!!!!! Let’s goooooo #ItsComedyNotPolitics.

Enough said.

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