Kanye West Shares Video Of Himself Peeing On A Grammy Award

Kanye West is back – and this time he’s peeing on a grammy award situated in, presumably, his toilet.

Over the past few days, Kanye has made it pretty clear just how much he dislikes the music industry.

Just last night Kanye tweeted:

In the streaming world master ownership is everything… that is the bulk of the income … in COVID artist need our masters … it’s more important than ever before. […] The artist deserve to own our masters … artist are starving without tours … Ima go get our masters … for all artist … pray for me.

Now, he’s doubled down on his opinion, sharing a video of himself urinating onto a Grammy.

The video is shot from a point-of-view style and shows a man, seemingly Kanye, urinating onto a Grammy, presumably one of the 21 that Kanye has won over the course of his career. 

Kanye captioned the post:

Trust me … I WONT STOP.

In just an hour the video has racked up 10 million views and while many are finding the clip hysterical, others are yet again worried for the rap star, citing his mental health struggles.

Let’s hope he’s the doing okay.

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