Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks At Disney World With Passengers On Board

It’s every holiday makers worst nightmare. A Jungle Cruise Boat has sank at Disney World while passengers were still on board…

At Disney Land you never ever expect anything bad to happen. It’s where dreams are made, where magic is real. It isn’t the place where cruises sink.

But that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

The boat typically takes passengers for a fun ride with a hilarious skipper aboard the ship.

It’s one of the most loved destinations Disney has to offer but yesterday the boat began taking on water and sank.

The boats slowly started filling up with water with passengers still on board.

More than a foot of water was on the boat at one point.

One passenger added that the vessel went from flooded to sunk in ‘about a minute’…

Thankfully all passengers eventually made it off the boat alive and well and nobody had to be taken to hospital.

But some people think the whole thing was a stunt…

People have been tweeting that Disney did it on purpose to promote their Jungle Cruise movie. Who knows?!

At least everybody was alright eh?!

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