Joe Exotic Letter Claims He’s Dying In Prison

A tragic letter from the Tiger Kings star, Joe Exotic, to his fans, claims that he is dying in prison.

The three page letter is written as a self-proposed ‘scream for help’ in which Exotic says he’ll be dead within the next three months if he doesn’t get some immediate help from Donald Trump, or Cardi B, or Kim Kardashian.

The letter opens with the line: ‘Supporters, Fans, Loves Ones.’ however from there on it’s really dark.

He claims that his ‘soul is dead’, that he wishes things ‘ended’ when Travis died, that life in prison is exceptionally grim, and that he has no idea what his current husband, Dillon, is doing.

Exotic also claims he’s not getting treatment and meds for his health conditions – adding that if things don’t change drastically, ‘I’ll be dead in 2-3 months’.

Image Credit: Netflix

He also compares his prison sentence to being on death row, and claims he’s been stabbed in the back and taken advantage of by many people.

Concluding the letter, Exotic insists that he is innocent and offers up one final plea for mercy.

Stay strong Joe.

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