Jason Momoa Surprises Wife Lisa Bonet With Restored First Car

Jason Momoa strikes again – reinforcing his status as the ultimate guy that every girl, and guy, wants.

How’s he done it this time? Well he gave his wife Lisa Bonet a gift packed full of cherished memories.

More specifically, the Aquaman actor revealed that for the past few months he’d been restoring his wife’s first car, her 1964 Mustang.

Speaking in the video, he explained:

This is the first car she ever bought. It’s one of three ever made and it has a lot of custom parts to it.

I know we can’t relive a memory, but maybe we can rebuild one.

And he was delighted with the outcome, saying:

I never thought that it would look like this.

But his wife’s response was even better.

Lisa exclaimed:

It’s beautiful. Holy cow. That is gorgeous. Oh my gosh. It’s pristine, not too flashy but just enough.

Momoa shared a video of the upscale and deliverance on YouTube, titled My Wife’s First Mustang.

Her delight is so obivious.

Check it out below:

Such a legend.

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