Jason Derulo Kicks Girlfriend Into Pool To Stop Her WAP Challenge

WAP. It’s all anyone’s talking about nowadays isn’t it.

Some are calling it a mission statement for modern feminism. Others are saying it’s a great tune. Others are saying it’s truly awful. And others still are saying it sends out an awful message to young girls.

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Ya like my hair ?

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Whatever you think about it, it’s safe to say that the tune is a huge hit. And as Oscar Wilde said, ‘the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about’. People sure are talking.

Following the release of WAP, people have been taking to social media to partake in the WAP challenge.

The challenge isn’t so much of a challenge, but simply involves people dancing as they do in the song itself.

Jason Derulo’s girlfriend, Jena Frumes, took part in the challenge, and was doing so more successfully than most.

However after a short eternity, Jason Derulo became exhausted with her dancing and did so in the most reasonable way possible: by kicking her into their swimming pool.

He can be seen walking up to the camera and looking directly down the lens before swiping his left foot backwards and booting his spouse into the pool.

While it is undeniably a pretty funny video – we do not condone hurling your partner into a swimming pool.

Check it’s out below:

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Tried the wap trend💀 @jasonderulo

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