Jacob Elordi Is Actually Younger Than Kissing Booth Brother Joel Courtney

As the world awaits the third installment of The Kissing Booth franchise, we have some huge news to bring you – Jacob Elordi is actually younger that his on-screen brother Joel Courtney.

I know what you’re thinking – no way. How can this be? Has my entire life been fueled by lies?

That could well be the case.

Image Credit: Netflix

So just how old is Joel Courtney – well the actor, who plays Lee Flynn, is 24 in real life.

Whereas Jacob Elordi who plays the oldest of the Flynn brothers, Noah, is actually younger than Joel.

So how old is he? Well he’s 23! Unbelievable.

But anyway – let’s talk about the third movie.

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The Kissing Booth 3 is OFFICIAL! 🎉😍💋

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The cast themselves announced the third installment with a video posted on their social media channels.

The clip shows Joey King and Joel Courtney walking together as Joel is texting on his phone.

Joel is obviously writing a text about season three, and Joey says: ‘What are you doing?! You can’t send that!’

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brb finding my marco 😭

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As she attempts to stop Joel from sending the text, it is accidentally sent. What follows it the rest of the cast jumping for joy in celebration about the great news.

The film is set to drop on Netflix next year and we absolutely cannot wait.

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