Instagrammer Says It’s Bad For Millennials’ Mental Health To Learn About WWII

An Instagram influencer has said learning about World War II will affect the mental health of millennials.

Reality TV star Freddie Bentley, 22, told Good Morning Britain today that he thinks schools should cater what they teach on the subject as not to damage the mental livelihoods of students.

“It was a hard situation, World War Two, I don’t want anyone to think I’m being disrespectful,” he said, adding: “I remember learning it as a child thinking ‘Oh my God it’s so intense’.”

Freddie told hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway: “I don’t think encouraging death or telling people how many people died in the world war is going to make it better.”

As replacement, he suggested that a portion the time given to World War II also leave room for things that could prepare pupils for when they leave school, such as how to get a mortgage or what the hell Brexit means.

People, naturally, took to social media to slate the proposition with some arguing that those who do not learn about history are condemned to repeat it.

“There’s so many problems going on in the world, like Brexit, that’s not taught in schools,” he said. “When I left school it hit me like a ton of bricks – I didn’t know anything to do with life.”

It comes at Wednesday nights episode of The Apprentice which showed the losing team struggling to figure out what year World War II started.

One Twitter user responded to Freddy’s comments, saying: ” Of course they need to know about our history ffs what is this? Maybe its because I’m personally fascinated by history, but I’d expect people to know the years of both world wars seeing as they were massive moments in world history let alone ours. Its just ignorance.”

Another fumed: “They sit there playing war games on their PlayStations and X boxes and then tell us they get traumatised by history lessons, god help us with these fools as the adults of tomorrow.”

Freddy, what if we told you you could learn about a number of things simultaneously?

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