Hiker Stalked By Cougar For Six Minutes Miraculously Survives

Jesus H Christ! This is every hikers worst nightmare. I’m not even in a country that has this kind of wildlife and this scared me to my core.

They say you should never go hiking alone. If you go hiking with a buddy, it doesn’t matter if you can outrun a bear, or a cougar, or a mountain lion. So long as you can outrun your friend you’ll be just fine.

Kyle Burgess was out backpacking alone in the Utah wilderness and just about the worst thing imaginable happened.

He stumbled across a handful of cougar cubs. Nothing too scary. BUT then he came across the mother who, protecting her cubs, stalked the man for six minutes straight and rushed at him countless times.

‘I don’t feel like dying today’, Kyle can be heard saying as he slowly backs away with the momma cub hissing at him and sprinting towards him.

It’s seriously touch and go for the full six minutes and Kyle is exceptionally lucky to still be alive.

Although he’s quite clearly terrified, Kyle repeatedly tells the cougar to ‘f*** off dude!’ which is pretty hysterical.

Image Credit: Kunkyle

Eventually Kyle picked up a rock and threw it at the cougar hitting her directly in the face. I guess the rock throw was a risk, but it worked and eventually, after the longest six minutes of his life, the cougar turned and sprinted away.


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