Former Stripper Has Best ‘Humans Of New York’ Story Ever

Since it launched in 2010, Humans of New York has been the place to go for truly fascinating stories about all aspects of life. NYC has some of the most interesting inhabitants of any city on earth – but their most recent post has really captured the internet’s attention.

Credit: Instagram

A former stripper known only as Tanqueray shared her story with photographer Brandon Stanton – and it really must be seen to be believed. Starting with a teen pregnancy, then a stint in prison, Tanqueray is then awarded a scholarship to New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology – and things only get stranger from there.

Tanqueray then found her calling creating costumes for strippers and drag queens in New York’s underground drag ball scene. “I had this magic trick where I’d put baby bottle tops on my nipples and squirt real milk, then I’d pull a cherry out of my G-string and feed it to the guy in the front row,” she reveals.

Believe it or not, that’s not even the craziest part. Tanqueray then goes on to talk about her connections to the mob, the time she was nearly spanked with a belt by a department store magnate, and even a crazy tale involving the President of the United States.

Tanqueray’s story is so incredible, Instagram users are asking TV networks to option it into a TV show. We know one thing – we’d tune in for sure!

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