FedEx Driver Says Someone Called Him N-Word And Spat At Him

If you ever needed more of a reason to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to understand why it is necessary in our so-called modern age, then perhaps this is yet another reminder.

This is the story of a FedEx driver who, in an emotional video, claimed a man spat at him and called him a n*****.

Image Credit: Brandon Brackins

Brandon Brackins was simply working hard making deliveries in rural Ohio over the weekend.

The 23-year-old was taking deliveries out from the back of his van when a man sped up and went around him.

Image Credit: Brandon Brackins

Brandon says he was almost killed by the man who then spat at him and called him the N-word.

Brandon was completely broken after the incident and immediately started live-streaming to Facebook.

Speaking on his heartbreaking live-stream, Brandon could be heard saying:

What the f**k is the point of all of this protest s**t if it don’t work?! Racism is alive. If any of you ever had to go through that s**t firsthand.

This really needs to stop… How are so many people so full of hate for others based just on the color of their skin?

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