Fans Worried For Billie Eilish After Worrying Post And Unfollowing Everyone On Instagram

Fans are seriously worried for Billie Eilish after she posted a deeply worrying post.

Billie also sparked concerns when she unfollowed everybody on Instagram.

The American singer-songwriter racked up more than 64 million followers on the social media platform, but while she still has a big audience for her own posts it appears that Billie is no longer interested in seeing anyone else’s.

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ima keep my mind on my money & my time

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She also wrote:

If I am following your abuser, DM me and I will unfollow them. I will support you.

Following the post, Billie allegedly unfollowed Ansel Elgort, Justin Bieber, XXXTENTACION, and Chris Brown…

But then she set about unfollowing everyone.

She even unfollowed her brother Finneas who she collaborates with when writing songs and performing live.

At the time of writing, Billie’s Instagram account says she follows just one person, but if you click to see who it is, nobody shows up… One tweet however claims that person is Lorde…

Many theories are now spreading across social media about why Billie unfollowed everybody.

One fan claimed to have heard that Eilish unfollowed people because she was ‘getting hate’.

Another argued that she chose to unfollow everyone in order to avoid drawing specific attention to the ‘abusers’ she unfollowed in support of her fans.

A third claimed she was trying to make a statement by vowing to unfollow all abusers and then unfollowing everybody…

I guess only time will tell.

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