Fans Have Just Realised James Corden Doesn’t Actually Drive During Carpool Karaoke

Carpool Kareoke. It’s been a staple of our television diets for what feels like forever.

In case you don’t know it typically involves former Gavin and Stacey star turned American hero, James Corden driving around with some A-listers while they do, yep that’s right, karaoke.

But friends, lovers, comrades: We Have Been Betrayed! Our hero is no more. Off with his HEAD!

He doesn’t really drive round. He doesn’t. And we have proof. Has there ever been a more apt time for a guillotine?

He’s pulled by another car. The traitor! And I ask you this James Corden: Have you no shame?!

Now my mind is riddled with questions. Questions about the truth, about the Illuminati, about Corden. Does he even have a driving license? Nobody knows. The world has been thrown into disarray.

Image Credit: CBS

The footage was uploaded to Instagram by a user known as Zoli Honig, and the internet has responded righteously. Condemning Corden to the pits of hell.

Zoli wrote:

Saw James Corden and Justin Bieber filming carpool karaoke and this is why I have trust issues – he isn’t even driving! Next thing you know they gonna tell us that his friends don’t *actually* need a ride

And the responses were mighty.

Image Credit: Zoli Honig / Instagram

Check out some of the tweets below:


In our modern world of cancel culture, an act as depraved as this should see Corden banished from all existence.

Never meet your heroes.

Goodbye James.

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