Doctor Saves Man’s Life By Sucking Urine From His Bladder For 37 Minutes In Mid-Flight Emergency

Who’s your favourite hero? Superman? Spiderman? Batman? Thor? Iron Man? Wolverine? All valiant choices.

But for my money, it’s the doctor who drank a strangers urine for 37 minutes on a flight in order to save his life.

The medical emergency broke out on a China Southern Airlines flight to New York on Tuesday, the South China Morning Post reported.

Cabin crew put out the call for a doctor on board after an elderly passenger with a swollen stomach complained of severe pain.

Thankfully vascular surgeon Zhang Hong was aboard, and quickly managed to work out that the man had around a litre of urine trapped in his bladder, but wasn’t able to wee.

A potentially fatal rupture imminent, and a further six hours until the flight landed, he quickly devised a plan.

After setting up a makeshift bed, he rigged a device together using a portable oxygen mask, a syringe needle, straws from milk boxes and tape.

He managed to pierce the patient’s bladder, but the syringe was not big enough to ease the pressure, so he had to improvise with a different pump. That’s right, his own lips.

Sitting beside the patient, Dr Zhang spent the next 37 minutes sucking the urine out of his bladder, and spitting it into an empty wine bottle.

The incredible rescue was caught on video.

“If we had not dealt with the situation in time, the patient’s life would have been at risk,” Zhang said. “It was an emergency situation. I couldn’t figure out another way.”

“When I saw that the man could hardly bear the pain any more, my only thought was how to get the urine out of his bladder.”

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