Disgusting George Floyd Challenge Shut Down On Social Media

A truly sickening social media challenge has been doing the rounds on the Internet.

The so-called #GeorgeFloydChallenge saw a number of people posting sick photos and videos of themselves mocking the death of George Floyd, whose neck was knelt on by police until he died.

Floyd died just over a week ago in the hands of the Minneapolis Police. His death has sparked worldwide outrage and protests.

Yet some people seem to find his death amusing…

Thankfully social media sites are doing all they can to shut down the vile trend and two originators in the United Kingdom have been arrested for possible hate crimes.

The stunt was first carried out by a group of teens in the UK, who posted it to Snapchat, before it was later shared on a University students’ Facebook page.

The shocking clip showed one student kneeling on another’s neck while they both laughed. It was captioned ‘police brutality’.

Image Credit: Snapchat

The challenge has been copied by countless other individuals including two men who appear to be in the US Air Force.

Why would anybody ever find this funny?

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