Daisy Coleman’s Mom Dead From Suicide Aged 58

Daisy Coleman’s mother, Melinda, has tragically died aged 58.

The mother of Daisy, who was the subject of a shocking Netflix documentary, died from suicide just four months after her daughter died the same way.

Daisy starred the Netflix documentary Audrie & Daisy back in 2016, a doc that explored three cases of alleged rape against teenage American girls, in 2011 and 2012.

The show delved into allegations from Daisy that she was sexually assaulted by a high school student when she was just 14 years old.

It also went into detail about the fallout when Daisy eventually went public with the news.

Daisy was hounded by people in the local community and online for going public with the news – and nobody was ever convicted of sexual assault.

Daisy’s mother, Melinda Coleman, confirmed the news of her death at the time – and now just four months later, Melinda has taken her own life too.

Melinda is survived by her two sons Logan and Charlie.

Rest in peace.

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