Chrissy Teigen Fans Annoyed After Spotting Detail In Baby Bump Picture

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the Internet’s most adored couples.

They’re happy, funny, and both exceptional at what they do – and now fans have even more to cheer about. They’re expecting their third child together!

Chrissy and John are already the proud parents of daughter, Luna, 4, and son, Miles, 2.

Yesterday a source told CNN that the couple are expecting and now there’s proof – after Chrissy posted to her social media channels sharing a photo of her bump.

However while most were delighted and congratulated the A-Listers, some eagle eyed viewers spotted something in the background of the pic which they were not happy with one bit.

But what was it? Well, it was a mess. Literally.

One person took to Twitter writing:

Honestly I’m just look at that mess behind you, bumps cute too.

Another wrote:

Kitchens a mess, stop having kids and clean that house.

A third said:

OMG look at that mess!

Personally, no matter if they’re A-List celebrities or not. Who cares? Are people not allowed to leave a mess anymore.

Take it easy.

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