China Relaxes Social Distancing Laws As Coronavirus Slows Down

In a rare piece of positive Coronavirus news, China are now relaxing social distancing regulations as the deadly virus slows down in the country where it originated from several months ago.

Last week, Wuhan – the city where the outbreak began – recorded no new cases for the first time since the pandemic began and checkpoints in the city have now been lifted.

Local media reported that fireworks were set off in response to the action, with several low risk Provences of the country allowing schools to reopen along with factories, supermarkets, cinemas, libraries and museums.

The temperature measuring operations that have previously been in place at hotels, subway stations and office blocks will also cease in Hangzhou, in the East of the country.

World Health Organisation representative in China, Dr. Gauden Galea, spoke to¬†UN News: “It is an epidemic that has been nipped as it was growing and stopped in its tracks. This is very clear from the data that we have, as well as the observations that we can see in society in general.

“So that’s a big lesson: that the natural course of the outbreak does not need to be a very high peak that overwhelms health services.

“This lesson in containment, therefore, is a lesson that other countries can learn from and adapt for their own circumstances.”

Let’s hope similar good news can begin to break in Europe, and quickly, as death rates continue to soar in Italy and Spain over the last few days.

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