Cardi B Under Fire After Person Claims To Have Found Her ‘Cruel Private Instagram’

Cardi B is no stranger to controversy, but that being said, it appears Cardi has bought a one way ticket to controversy city yet again.

How so? Well someone’s after claiming that they’ve found her private Instagram and it’s pretty vile.

Initially Cardi was trending on Twitter with people trying to cancel her.

CardiBIsOver was the hashtag and people were rinsing Cardi for her past behaviour.

People have been trying to prove that Cardi is a pretty horrible human being and claiming that she always gets off the hook.

One person wrote:

I see #CardiBIsOverParty is trending. Are we finally gonna talk about how she thinks a great type or revenge is putting trans women’s lives at risk by tricking men into sleeping with trans women to humiliate them for doing so? Or we just gonna let that slide?

Another simply said: ‘You’ve waited this long to cancel her?’

But it’s the Instagram account that’s causing quite the stir.

People are adamant it’s actually Cardi’s private Insta, but there’s zero evidence to support this.

And apparently on this Instagram, Cardi disses other female artists such as Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

While there is no evidence – something that is 100% is that this is not a good time to be Cardi B.

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