Bride Leaves Heartbreaking Message From Beyond The Grave After Death

This is the heartbreaking story of how after a young woman died, a message appeared on her Facebook from beyond the grave.

Gemma Sisson, from Leeds, UK, died following a two year battle with cancer, leaving her husband and family completely stunned.

In the beautiful yet heartbreaking post, Gemma claimed she is finally at peace, while also claiming that she was ‘heartbroken’ to have left everyone behind.

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So today we did a thing….. And I’m now officially Mrs Sisson-Moore 💒🤵👰😍💖 —— After 15 years we finally got our arses into gear and made it official 💖💖💖 — Through out this whole shit-show Rick has been my absolute rock, the words ‘till death do us part; in sickness and in health’ couldn’t be more fitting and he has stood by me through the absolute worst times imaginable…. his heart is as big as his man-boobs! A lot of people have a certain perception of Rick (loud-mouth, show-off maybe?! 🤔) But he has so much more to him and I couldn’t have got through this without him, the way he has cared for me and been at my side through the most difficult times has been amazing and I’m beyond proud to be his wife 💖he has been there every step of the way and not flinched when I feel like this bastard disease has tried to take away everything I am 💖 we don’t have long left but I’ll treasure every day that I’m Mrs Sisson-Moore 💖💖💖 —- And a huge thank you to the amazing staff at @suerydercharity Wheatfields Hospice who got this all sorted in less than 3 days…after a fucking awful day pain-wise yesterday it looked doubtful if we could do it, but we have had some good luck and a massive drug increase I felt ready for it 💪 and the staff pulled off a miracle 💖 – This really is the happiest day of my life 👌 – #fuckcancer

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The post reads as follows:

If this is being posted it means I’ve finally died after weeks of clinging on far too long.

Although I’ll be heartbroken to leave behind all my loved ones I’ll be so glad to get away from what this b*****d disease has left me as.

I really hope that by sharing my cancer story and petitioning for secondary cancers scans to be made mandatory I’ve made a positive impact, and even if only 1 person gets some help from this then I will feel like I have accomplished something good.

I really can’t thank Rick enough who has been by side all the way and given me an amazing amount of love and support throughout this horrific time. 

Image Credit: Gemma Sisson

She continued:

I want all my loved ones to know that the pain and suffering has now stopped and I am now finally at peace.

I am also grateful for all the support I have received from all of my followers on social media.

If anyone is going to take anything from this, it is that life is short and that we all think these sort of things will never happen to us.

Well I thought that, and let me tell you now, this could happen to anyone of you reading this. 

So live your life to the fullest, dont take anything or anyone for granted because non of us really know what is around the corner.

But I am definitely glad that my time is now up, see you on the flip side mother f******!’

Rest in peace Gemma.

Our thoughts go out to your family and friends at this hard time.

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