Body Language Expert Reveals Exact Moment Chris Watts Gave Himself Away

The Watts family seemingly had it all.

They had the nice house, the family photos on the mantelpiece, the children. Everything appeared completely perfect from an outsiders point of view.

But on August 13 2018 everything changed.

Shanann Watts’ friend and colleague was the first to raise the alarm as she became worried for Shanann when she didn’t show up to a work meeting.

She called her husband Chris who claimed he didn’t know where she was.

When police called round to check, Chris gave them access to their home.

He later appeared on television telling Shanann and his two young daughters to return home. He also prayed on television, but without shedding a single tear.

Shortly afterwards and the truth all came out. Chris Watts had strangled his wife to death, and smothered his two children, before hiding their bodies. Why? Because he wanted to be with his mistress.

Now, a body language expert has came forward, claiming to know the exact moment Watts gave himself away.

Expert Derek Van Schaik created a YouTube video explaining exactly how and when Watts made it obvious to police that he was guilty.

In actual fact, he claims that almost everything Watts did made him appear like the ‘dumbest person on Earth’.

Take a look below.

Some of the things that gave Chris away were his unnatural eye contact, the way he doesn’t look at her wedding ring when he finds it, his overuse of hand gestures, his shaky voice, and his serious lack of emotion.

But more than anything Derek explains that when Chris puts his hands on his head to try and calm himself down is a HUGE red flag that he is guilty.

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