Amy Schumer Says Son’s First Word Hurt Her Feelings

Amy Schumer has opened up about her son’s first word and it seriously hurt her feelings.

Speaking with the now controversial TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, Schumer was primarily talking about her latest docu-series, but also dropped some lines about her 17-month-old son, Gene.

While baby Gene is now saying the word ‘mom’, Schumer revealed that it wasn’t actually his first word.

Schumer explained: ‘I was his second word’.

But what was his first? Well, Schumer said:

His first word is ‘car,’ which definitely hurt both of our feelings. He loves cars. I don’t know, Chris and I don’t care about cars, but he is obsessed.

Amy continued to explain that little Gene has a serious thing for cars.

She continued:

Anywhere we go … he just wants to be in the parking lot, he just wants to look at cars. Which is really convenient because everywhere you go there are cars.

To be fair, what little kid doesn’t love cars! Don’t take it personally Amy.

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