A Flight To Nowhere Just Sold Out In Less Than Ten Minutes

Alright. This is definitely one of the most bizarre I have ever used my hands to write.

This is the tale of how quite literally, a flight to nowhere, sold out in less than ten minutes.

A flight to nowhere? What do you mean? Well it’s a flight that takes off from Sydney, Australia, and then lands in Sydney, Australia.

Some people even paid up to $800 for a ticket, and the airline, Qantas, believe it could be their quickest selling flight in history!

Image Credit: Pikrepo

Economy tickets were priced at $787, premium economy at $1,787 and business class was $3,787 but still the flight sold out in under 10 minutes yesterday.

But what’s the full story? Well, the flight is part of a creative bid to increase revenue for airlines who have lost a lot of money during the pandemic.

Qantas bled around $2 billion since the pandemic began so quite clearly they need to make some money quick fast.

And why are people buying tickets? Well the flight is going to fly as low as 4,000 feet and will show flyers scenes such as Kata Tjuta, Byron Bay, Bondi Beach and Sydney Harbour.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Speaking about the initiative, a spokesperson said:

We knew this flight would be popular, but we didn’t expect it to sell out in 10 minutes.

People clearly miss travel and the experience of flying.

And the pilots are just as excited too, with Captain David Summergreene, who will fly the plane, saying:

This is taking me back to the days when I learnt to fly and we were down in light aircraft very low flying around things.

To be able to take an aircraft like this and do the same thing … will be absolutely fantastic.

Other airlines should take note.

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