90 Day Fiance Star Saves Passed Out Drowning Man In Bahamas

90 Day Fiance star, Alex Brovarnik, has become a real life hero after he leapt into action to save a passed out drowning man.

Brovarnik was holidaying in the Bahamas with his wife Loren, when he noticed an intoxicated young man making his way into the water before getting into trouble and going under.

The former reality star immediately ran out into the ocean, swimming out to the unconscious man, before dragging him back to shore.

Although seemingly completely unconscious, the man was saved and has since made a full recovery.

Image Credit: Instagram

Posting to Instagram, Loren explained:

My husband was watching a guy who was beyond intoxicated, who was with his “friends” who just stood there and watched! The man went into the water and about drowned! As you can see, Alex is dragging out his unconscious body while his “friends” did nothing! We are meant to be in a place in time for a reason! Alex and his friend Sean were meant to be at this beach, at this exact time because if not, who knows what could have happened! My husband saved a mans life today! And I couldn’t be more proud, yet not surprised at the same time! Meanwhile you can see this guys “friends” standing there and then walking away! NOT ONE OF THEM went in the ambulance with him either! It goes to show you may think your friends are your friends, but God forbid something bad happens, would then help you or just stand there and watch you fall?! Always trust your instinct!Please share this for awareness and KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

She also shared an incredible video of the encounter.

Check it out below:

Good job Alex.

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