50 Cent Says He’ll Leave US If Donald Trump Loses Election

That’s right folks, as they used to say on Loony Tunes. We are just moments (a week and a bit) away from the impending US election: will it be Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Nobody knows!

Many celebrities are coming out and saying that if Donald Trump happens to secure yet another four years in the Oval Office that they’ll be fleeing the country (although they did say this four years ago and… well they’re still in the USA).

However now the tables have turned with none other than 50 Cent saying he’ll leave the nation of the United States of America if Donald Trump doesn’t win.

50 Cent took to Instagram, sharing a screenshot from CNBC regarding an apparent tax raise if Joe Biden wins the presidency.

The image, which is believed to be misleading, suggests that high earners in New York will be taxed 62 per cent of their wages.

50 Cent wrote:

WHAT THE F***! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT. F*** NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway.

He then added:

I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people. 62 per cent, are you out of ya f***ing mind.

So there you have it folks.

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