Rafael Nadal’s Return Shot Blasts Ball Girl In Face

International tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal, rarely makes mistakes but THIS TIME, he did.

So what exactly did Rafael do? He was served at and responded. He connected, turning the tennis ball into a ballistic missile. I am not a speedometer but I can only presume the projectile was travelling at around 400mph.

It would’ve been the perfect shot. But it was not.

Why? Well, something got in the way. And that something was the ball girl’s face.

Image Credit: Twitter / @irfanozbek / Eurosport

She didn’t even have time to think the poor thing. Her eyes fixated on the net and then like a Godfather assassination she was BLASTED.

She let out an audible whimper, similar to that of a dog during its final day.

But Rafael being the true God he really is refused to ignore his own mistake. He had to plead for forgiveness.

Image Credit: Twitter / @irfanozbek / Eurosport

He approached the ball girl with a look of unparalleled regret graced upon his face. He walked slowly towards her. She didn’t know where to look. And then just like it would happen in a fairy-tale he kissed the ball girl on the cheek and they lived happily ever after.

Well not quite but he did give her a quick kiss of apology and she seemed happy enough.

Check it out below:

She won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

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