NHL Players Gets Brutally Slashed Across Face With Skate

Warning: Distressing Footage

NHL star Johnny Boychuk was involved in a horrific accident last night which saw him slashed in the face with a skate.

The New York Islanders defenseman was accidentally kicked in the face during the game and began screaming in pain.

During the 3rd period of the Isles’ game against the Canadians in Brooklyn, Habs winger, Artturi Lehkonen, lost his balance and fell over.

As he was falling he kicked his skates out backwards making brutal contact the exposed face of Boychuk.

Boychuck falls to the floor clutching his face as his team mates surround him.

Before even waiting to be taken off the ice, Boychuck skates over to the side and runs out, seeking immediate help.

At first there wasn’t an update on Boychuk with the Islander’s coaching staff claim to be ‘very worried’ for the 36-year-old.

However his older brother, David, took to Twitter writing:

A few extra zips but sounds like he should hire someone else to do his eyebrows from now on.

But in the past few minutes, the Islander’s revealed that he had 90 stitches and plastic surgery but he’ll thankfully make a full recovery.

He was incredibly lucky as the blade very narrowly missed his eye.

Get well soon!

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