This Hidden iPhone Spacebar Hack Will Change The Way You Text Forever

Let’s face it: we’re all basically slaves to our iPhones. It seems no matter what unwanted features they bring on, or useful ones they take away, we’ll continue to buy and use the divisive smartphone. But one thing that’s long been a complaint of iPhone users has just been solved – with a hack that’s over three years old.

We know, we know, it’s a rarity – discovering something our iPhone can do that’s actually useful. Usually it’s some bizarre trick we really have no interest in. But this “spacebar hack” could actually solve a persistent iPhone problem – and the internet is loving it.

We all know the pain of crafting a perfect message – and then realizing there’s a mistake way back at the beginning. Trying to maneuver the cursor back to where you need it is uber-frustrating – so much so, that sometimes it’s simply worth starting the whole message over.

But a feature called 3D touch mitigates all this pain. By holding down the spacebar of the keypad, users can move their cursor freely, without having to rely on their clumsy fingers and thumbs to get the cursor in the right place.

Embarrassingly enough, this feature has been a part of the iPhone experience since 2016 and works on models from the 6S onwards. It just seems that for whatever reason, nobody knew about it! But hey, it’s a welcome discovery, even if it is three years late.

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