Male Birth Control That’s Injected Into The Penis Could Be Available Next Year

There’s been news that’s music to women’s ears today, as it’s confirmed male birth control is almost ready to hit the shelves. Developed by the  Indian Council of Medical Research, the contraception may be a little hard for men to handle, as it involves an injection directly into the penis.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, ICMR researcher Dr R.S Sharma announced, “The product is ready, with only regulatory approvals pending. The trials are over, including extended, Phase 3 clinical trials for which 303 candidates were recruited with a 97.3% success rate and no reported side effects. The product can safely be called the world’s first male contraceptive.”

The contraceptive is an injection of styrene malieic anhydride into the vas deferent – the penile ducts which carry sperm. The polymer effectively prevents sperm from leaving the testicles, and one dose lasts up to thirteen years.

“ICMR has been researching on it to turn it into a product for mass use since 1984, and the final product is ready after exhaustive trials,” Guha goes on. The main thing holding the technology back? The fact men aren’t so keen.

Surveys suggest only one in three men would be willing to shoulder the birth control burden themselves. But after so many years of women taking the responsibility, this new innovation means change may be on the horizon. Either way, it seems set to become available within the next seven months – would you give it a go?

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