Lash Lice Are Becoming More Common In Young People, Doctor Warns

It seems there’s no end to the gross things our body can do. But one which is sweeping the world right now has really got out skin crawling. Lash lice (otherwise known as demodex) are truly some of the creepiest things we’ve ever seen.

The classic standard of beauty today calls for long, fluttery eyelashes – which means lash extensions have become a prominent and uber-popular procedure. The problem is, when not taken care of properly, these false lashes can become a hygiene-freak’s nightmare. Not only can they cause bacteria buildup around your delicate peepers – they can even become home to some creepy-crawlies.

“Really what’s being called lice online and on social media right now are actually a form of mite called demodex and that’s where the concern is,” Dr Gary Keoleian from the Michigan Eye Institute told ABC12.

Credit: ABC

The reason those with lash extensions are so much more prone to these horrible mites is that they’re likely to go longer in between cleaning their lashes, in the hope of making them last longer. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate. When it accumulates, that’s when you start getting into irritation. Demodex can infest, bacteria can take root, then you have irritation and you’re picking at your lashes and it’s a whole cycle,” Keoleian explained.

If this doesn’t encourage you to take better care of your lashes, we don’t know what will! Our eyes are itchy just looking at these photos.

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