YouTube Star David MacMillan Has Died Aged 30

YouTube star, David MacMillan, has tragically passed aged just 30-years-old.

MacMillan, who was part of the Pirate Dog YouTube channel, was born in Scotland but had spent the past 20 years living in Pegswood, near Morpeth, with his mum and stepdad, Mark Whinn.

Image Credit: Family Handout

His mum, Diane, explained:

He’s just always been a typical lad. He was into his skate-boarding, computers and he played Xbox.

He made montage videos of DC and Marvel stuff for YouTube. He would sit for hours editing videos.

Whatever he did he put 110% in. He had such a sense of humor. At work he used to hide things, and put eyes on the school bell so it looked like it was looking at you.

He knew all the kids by name. He knew which ones liked blue trays or red trays and which ones liked their beans away from their pizza.

David died not long after discovering a pain in his arm, which he noticed following an arm wrestle with his dad at New Year.

Image Credit: Family Handout

When the pain didn’t go away, David contacted his doctor and was assessed by numerous people.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, David wasn’t able to get an appointment, but as his health began rapidly declining in April he was diagnosed with a germ cell tumour, a very rare form of cancer that can be caused while a baby is developing in the womb.

While David tried to stay strong, there was nothing he could do and he tragically passed away earlier this month.

Rest in peace.

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