You Can Now Get A Pair Of Slippers That Look Exactly Like Your Pet!

Dogs are great, arguably better than most humans, we absolutely don’t deserve their love and loyalty – they provide us with companionship, kindness, protection and now your beloved little pooch can provide you with a bit of extra warmth…

You can now get custom-made slippers that look like your dog. That’s right, not just any dog but your very own best friend, family member and furbaby.

These amazing wardrobe additions come from a company called Cuddle Clones… They’re made from pictures of your very own doggy AND they make cat versions too, if you’re more of a feline-fan than dog-devotee.

Every pair of slippers is designed to look exactly like your pet does – meaning every marking, spot or stripe will be featured on your pet-like pair.

Having the plush can be pretty sweet actually – for those unfortunate people who’ve recently had to say goodbye to their family pet, Cuddle Clones will put the cremated remains of the dog in the plush toy meaning that your furry best pal will always be with you.

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