Woman Makes $10,000 A Year Charging Men For Dates

A single mum has spoke about how she manages to make almost $10,000 a year by charging men to date her, after finding her customer services wage wasn’t enough to cover the cost of running her home and dealing with mounting debt.

Sabrina Perez, 25, was worrying that she and her four-year-old daughter would be evicted from their home in Boston, Massachusetts, US, when a friend told her about a site where affluent suitors bid generously for the chance to go on a first date with attractive singletons.

Sabrina explains: “People have a huge misconception about the sorts of girls who use WhatsYourPrice. But really it’s no different to dating in the real world – if you don’t want to go out with someone, you don’t have to.

“You don’t owe these men anything and most of them just want a companion. But, if you do get someone interested in one thing, you just move along.

“I don’t pick anybody I wouldn’t date in the real world so the way I see it, if I’d go out with them for free anyway, I may as well get a little financial help out of it.”

After her last relationship ended around two years ago, Sabrina worried she was attracting the wrong sort of men.

“I’d either meet people through work or in bars when I went out. But I don’t want somebody that’s just going to use me,” she explained.

“I’m looking for someone mature, who knows their mind and their goals.

“I want a proper connection and to find somebody I can one day introduce my daughter to as I am very protective about who she meets.”

A friend of Sabrina’s then mentioned she had joined WhatsYourPrice.com – where men were apparently more mature.

“She also mentioned that there were people on there that were willing to help financially,” Sabrina said.

“She’d been in a similar situation to me and had gotten real help.

“I’d been having a very difficult time. Being a single mum means it’s all down to me, but trying to pay for everything – my own home, my daughter’s schooling, all our bills – was taking over my life.

“It all had a knock-on effect. My car broke down and I couldn’t afford to fix it, which meant I couldn’t get to work easily, which meant less shifts.

“It was very stressful. I worried we would end up being evicted.”

She added: “To anybody who may be sceptical, I’d say that, just like with any other date, you can walk away at any time and say no to anybody you don’t feel comfortable with or anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.”

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