Vietnam Vet Pepper Sprayed In Face By Federal Agents

This is the shocking moment a Vietnam veteran was pepper sprayed directly in the eyes when voicing his opinions to federal agents.

The man, later identified as former Army medic, Mike Hastie, was presenting no threat, but was passionately expressing his views to a wall of federal agents – who had been sent to Portland under the orders of Donald Trump.

In the video he can be seen ranting and expressing his point of view when an unidentified fatigue-clad agent sprayed him in the face with what appeared to be pepper spray or a similar substance.

The officer can be seen spraying the substance into his eyes just a matter of inches away.

Hastie was understandably incapacitated for a number of minutes – and in visible pain.

The organization, Veterans for Peace said Hastie was a member of their organization and a lifelong activist, and urged federal forces to #StandDown.

Hastie claims to have been born in 1945 which makes him either 74 or 75 years old.

Let us hope he gets the justice he deserves.

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