Veteran Shot Dead At Black Lives Matter Protest In Texas

veteran shot dead garrett foster

A man has been shot dead while taking part in a Black Lives Matter protest in Texas.

Garrett Foster was the man who was fatally shot – and according to his mother he had protested almost every day for the past 50 with his fiance.

The suspect, who has since been arrested and is co-operating with officers, reportedly tried to drive through the crowd of spectators before opening fire.

One witness said the car drove into the crowd of protesters at high speed – and claimed it is a miracle that nobody was hit.

Foster was rushed to hospital following the shooting but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

At the time of writing it remains unclear exactly what led to the shooting, however one officer has suggested that Foster may have approached the vehicle with his rifle and that the suspect shot him from his car.

Shortly before he was killed, Foster was interviewed while carrying an AK-47 rifle. He claimed he started bringing it to protests after his friend was arrested.

Foster was protesting alongside his fiancé, Whitney Mitchell, who is a quadruple amputee at the time of his death.

Foster also worked as her carer for around ten years.

Rest in peace.

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